Jim McDonald’s first black powder bull didn’t go 20 yards after being hit with a 460 grain No Excuses bullet from his Knight Vision rifle.  “I’m hooked and I’m never using any other bullet but your No Excuses for Elk”.  Couldn’t have scripted it any better myself…….:>)


Jimmy Sazama with his first bull.  A 60 inch 1200 pound Alaskan brute.  He used a 50 caliber Remington Genesis with 495 grain No Excuses bullet(s) at 110 yards to get it done.  Crushed both lungs and shoulders in the process.  “They performed flawlessly!!!!!!!!  You have found a life long customer” 

Berkley Beach with a bull taken with a 385 grain 45 caliber     No Excuses Bullet and his White Super 91 Muzzleloader.

Kevin Christner from Sterling, Colorado with a Bison he took with a 54 caliber 535 grain          No Excuses bullet during a recent successful hunt…