My son Casey with our 2010 Muley bucks taken with 460 grain/45 caliber No Excuses Bullets.  He took his at 30 yards (he’s a Ninja!) and mine was taken at 95 yards.  You may have noticed they are both capped.  We had wandered waaaay too far from camp and had to pack them both out in pieces over a couple days period.

Here’s David Best with his Colorado bull taken with a Lyman Deerstalker and a single No excuses 54 caliber/535 grain bullet at 60 yards. The bullet was found on the off side after penetrating both shoulders.  Great job!

Jaman Brunson is pictured with his buck taken from 150 yards with a N.E. Bullet.  That bullet “flattened it”!

Here is Randal Rector with his 358 6/8s Idaho bull taken with a 460 grain No Excuses Bullet.  WOW!!