Bullets are currently available in 41 (.410), 45 (.451), 50 (.503), and 54 (.540) calibers.  Their weights and characteristics are described below:


  41 Caliber, 410 grain (41/410):  Excellent medium sized game bullet.  Very accurate.


  45 Caliber, 385 grain (45/385):  Originally designed as a lightweight varmint/target bullet, when charged at

50-60% normal hunting load.  When charged at that 50-60% they make an excellent target or youth load.  This combination closely replicates a fully charged load behind a 460 grain “NO EXCUSES” bullet.  I have several customers that swear by these bullets for mule deer and elk with full loads, but some guns have a tendancy to

key-hole these bullets with a full charge.  They can also be used as a sabot in 50 and 54 caliber firearms.


  45 Caliber, 460 grain (45/460):  Designed as a big game bullet, it is very similar to the proven Pope design.  It's accuracy and design have enabled shooters to harvest large game in excess of 300 yards utilizing it.  (my preference in the 45 caliber)


  50 Caliber, 460 grain (50/460):  Excellent for large game and provides for good penetration.  The lightest 50 caliber bullet I offer and more than enough for nearly any game in North America with the exception of those few species capable of eating you.


  50 Caliber, 495 grain (50/495):  When that extra bit of energy is needed in a 50 caliber bullet-this is the one.  A proven design that provides excellent accuracy and expansion characteristics.  Recommended for all game with nasty, hungry dispositions.


  50 Caliber, 600 grain (50/600):  Been tinkering with the idea of producing a 600 grain bullet in 50 caliber.  Could use some feedback on the idea if you find a spare minute.  Thx!  Not yet available.



  54 Caliber, 535 grain (54/535):  Definitely a big-game stopper with plenty of punch!





Undersized bullets in 50 caliber (.500) are available on