The success of “NO EXCUSES” is based on the idea that there is no excuse for a sub-standard bullet!  None!!!  Not at the range and certainly not when squeezing the trigger on a quality buck or bull.  Your confidence in that bullet to perform is paramount.


  I became interested in casting many years ago after purchasing a White, Super 91 muzzleloading rifle.  I was soon shooting nearly 1000 shots per year and realized with my background in bench rest shooting and reloading center fire cartridges, that there were things that could be done during the casting process to enhance the consistency of each bullet.  Things that could not be accomplished by bullet casting companies producing hundreds of thousands of bullets each year.  I designed and had built a custom mould and ordered several sizing dies to get started.  I originally started with just the single mould of a caliber and weight that shot well in my rifle.  Casting for myself led to casting for my friends and then for their friends and on and on until now.  The biggest difference between then and now is the number of friends I have made and supply with the best $%# bullets available.


  I personally cast every bullet, using only custom built moulds and quality materials.  The bullets produced are hand screened for any blemishes caused during casting and are then individually weighed and lubed to ensure their uniformity and sized to ensure their concentricity.  The bullets I pull from stock to fill your orders are the same bullets I use for my hunts.  If I could figure out a way to make them any better….I would!


  I believe this attention to detail ensures their unparalleled accuracy, shot-to-shot consistency and guaranteed expansion characteristics.  In essence, “NO EXCUSES” are the nearest thing to bench-rest muzzleloading bullets available.


  Sure, it’s allot of work!  But it was worth it to me several years ago when I began casting for myself, and am sure you will agree when you see what your gun’s capabilities are with a quality bullet.