Until now, the only muzzleloading bullets available were designed for pistols sheathed in a plastic sabot or machine cast bullets produced in mass quantities with little regard to quality.  Nearly every mass produced bullet, currently available has some type of shrink void inadvertently cast within it causing inaccuracies.  Those bullets were unable to take full advantage of the accuracy and down-range performance the new firearms are capable of.  As a result, I started casting “accurate” bullets several years ago in an effort to exploit the same technology in my own muzzleloaders.  That effort gradually blossomed into a small company, originally located in Roy, Utah  (presently located in Pleasant View, Utah) known simply as 


NO EXCUSES Bullet Manufacturing. LLC.



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PREMIUM MUZZLELOADER BULLETS designed to be used in White, Remington, Knight, T/C, Gonic and many other in-line and traditional muzzleloading rifles.

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Bullet Manufacturing, l.l.c.

Pleasant View, Utah